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Our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of different industries and creating reliable products to serve them all.

We focus on the manufacturing, engineering and environmental clean-up efforts with new and superior technologies. Our technologies, both in terms of equipment and chemical compounds, has been tested and proven to have increased effectiveness when compared to previous methods. 

We have a team of world leading experts, scientist, and engineers that provide the best customized environmental solutions available. The British Petroleum (BP) Gulf of Mexico oil spill has showcased to the world that the right technology with the right team must be employed at the right time to decrease or avert the terrible impact of disasters to society and the environment.

We have superior patented technologies, chemical formulated trade secrets and know-how that  provide turn-key solutions in the business areas of the petroleum oil/gas industry, the mining industry, the dredging sediment industry,  the water treatment industry and other remediation industries with the best cost benefit ratio.

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Meet the people behind Green Earth Technology

Doug Mallonee

CEO, Inventor

Doug Mallonee, (Inventor) received his education from Auburn University, the University of South Alabama, and the Brennon Institute. He was a member of the 161st Area Support Medical Battalion and received the Army Achievement Medal, Army Certificate of Commendation and Soldier of the Year Award. He has over 20 years of experience in business management, sales and marketing, and situational sales negotiations. For over 15 years Mr. Mallonee worked in the medical industry for hospitals and multi-billion dollar companies such as Roche Labs, Sanofi-Aventis, and Key Pharmaceuticals as a clinical expert, business consultant and marketing associate. He also served on the board of directors for the American Liver Foundation Alabama Chapter. After his tenure in the medical industry Mr. Mallonee changed his focus towards providing environmental business solutions to the Petroleum, Dredging, and Mining Industry. He is the inventor of the Green Earth Machine®, inventor of the GateKeeper™ System and has developed patent or patent pending systems that enhance environmental remediation projects in multiple countries. Mr. Mallonee has been responsible for establishing a multi-disciplinary team from over 13 different countries providing business solutions to government, corporations and private industry. He has formed a group in Asia that provides water treatment and sediment treatment solutions to the Petroleum Industry in Sichuan Province, China. He is currently part of a strategic group in Alaska that provides the Petroleum Industry cutting edge GateKeeper™ technology that will help protect the environmental sensitive areas of the Northern Slope in Alaska.

Mark Merkelbach

chief technology officer

Mr. Merkelbach studied environmental science at the University of Vermont and received his Master of Science in Engineering. Since 2000, Mr. Merkelbach has consulted on and developed environmental remediation with Mr. Mallonee throughout the world. He is also the owner of Green Earth Operations, Inc., a civil engineering firm in Seattle, WA which provides GETI with design and operational project support.  He is civil designer and professional wetland scientist (PWS) who has managed the design and construction of projects that treat and reuse industrial waste, improve water quality and restore ecological functions. He excels at building the right teams to tackle logistical challenges and navigate local politics and address technical challenges to ensure project delivery. 

George Arribas


Mr. George Arribas is an experienced Civil Engineer, Theologist and Writer. He has a large experience in International Business Development, monitoring work activities and engineering consulting, with extensive knowledge in various aspects to develop diagnostics, planning, design and monitoring of technical projects for private companies and governments at all levels. Besides, George is a member of Germany -Brazil (Munich) Technical Trade Council, conferred by the German authorities; Alumni of the American Council of Young Political Leaders – ACYPL, based in Washington DC; Alumni of the Haggai Institute, based in Singapore, where he obtained an advanced degree of leadership. He is also CEO of the European Office of the Global Biosphere Institute based in Lisbon – Portugal. For over 30 years, the Global Biosphere Institute is the most prestigious non-profit Environmental Institute in Latin America, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. George has collaborated with experienced international engineers in project management regarding cost parameters related to the prevention and mitigation of water and soil pollution. He has a deep ability in institutional relationships, creating, maintaining and strengthening effective communication channels to optimize results overcoming challenges to achieve goals.He is also a prominent musician, composer and writer, awarded in 2015 by the very honorable Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris, also member of many other Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts in the world.

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