Florida Medical Clinic Treatment after Hurricane Michael


GETI was retained to treat for widespread mold infestation at the Medical Clinic Facility in Marianna, Florida.  GETI found that the moisture content was greater than 19% throughout the facility. Based on EPA data and scientific research, a moisture content of greater than 19% or relative humidity greater than 60% can allow mold growth if NOT Dried within 24-48 hours. Mold spore counts were elevated in the main lobby.


GETI had to quickly mobilize and treat the facility to limit economic hardships and protect both patients and workers in the Fall of 2019.


GETI field teams applied thermal protection to facility heat sensitive equipment and fixtures prior to treatment. Structural Pasteurization of the lobby and offices utilized up to 20 inches of static pressure-positive air flow reaching microbial thermal death points using the JetGreen™ Micro Turbine patented technology. Air Scrubbing and HEPA Filtration units removed residual solids after treatment. This was followed by installing ActivePure® Technology units to reduce the health risk of re-contamination in the future with continued maintenance and improved air quality.


Independent post-treatment testing and analysis showed 99.99% removal of mold spores.

JetGreen™ at work