Green Earth Technologies Emission Control Engineering

Green Earth Technologies Family of Crimson Combustors offer a smokeless, high-volume emission control solution for clients looking to save money and reduce their overall carbon footprint.  

Our Enclosed combustors are engineered to burn gas from (2) separate fuel sources (tank vapors, separator gas, and
truck venting vapors) simultaneously in a single stack chamber, which reduces or eliminates the need for multiple units. In addition, the CE-600, CE-1K, CE-2K AND CE-3K are ideal as a back-up when vapor recovery units are down. 

Our isolated flow controls allow for greater on-site control of the burner system to match actual field conditions of both high and low-pressure sources versus production designs. The net result is smokeless burning of vapors, with at least a 98% destruction rate, while costing up to 50% less to set- up and maintain versus placing multiple lower volume units in sequence.


●All independent 3rd party test results have been 99% or greater destruction efficiency
● Dual-inlets for simultaneous Hp and Lp
gas streams
● High-volume (up to 3000 mscfd)
● Substantial reduction in associated facilities
● Broad turndown ratio
● Meets EPA CFR subpart 0000a


 Smokeless operation

Units adapt to changes in field conditions

Eliminates need for air assist

 Decreased noise and visibility

Burner Management system  

Designed to save cost and increase performance

Reduced carbon footprint

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