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GETI offers a suite of exclusive water and soil cleaning technologies that are faster, more cost effective, and more environmentally-sound than competing technologies. GETI solutions have a proven track record in the North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Not only do our solutions focus on treatment, they also offer the unique opportunity to reclaim, recycle and reuse the treated soil, sediment, water, and hydrocarbons. Our solutions remove or decrease the level of contamination onsite. In addition, GETI solutions are mobile and easily transported to remote and urban locations. With their small carbon footprint, our technologies are environmentally friendly and require less energy to operate. They are scalable, applying to both small and large projects. Our closed-looped process can recycle water and hydrocarbons, allowing us to reduce or eliminate the need to transport contaminated materials for disposal.


A continuous process with our proprietary Green Earth Breaker Mill System that reduces particle size, sorts sediment and soil into coarse sand, silt and clay. The processing capacity ranges from 17 m3/hr to 80 m3/hr. Larger systems can be designed to provide higher processing rates.


Our proprietary medium recovers up to 99.9% of hydrocarbons in water and soils. The media can be reused many times and the recovered oil is classified as a primary bio fuel.


GET owns a suite of technologies and processes that remove organics and heavy metal contamination. Our products include enzyme catalysts, advanced phosphorus removal, oxidation systems, customized flocculants, and water treatment technology to treat a variety of frac flow back and produced water contamination.


Our patented bioremediation process uses a unique biocatalyst technology to enhance reproduction of indigenous beneficial bacteria a thousand-fold. This will accelerate the digestion or breakdown of organic contaminants, with no creation of secondary contaminants.

   MOLD and virus TREATMENT:

We offer flameless thermal system with no treatment chemicals. Our JetHeat GT 1400 delivers tremendous heat and savings that are economical and environmentally friendly. JetHeat Micro Turbine patented technology is the most advanced in the world, requiring minimal maintenance.

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