Nuclear Plant Decommissioning


The customer Drill Tech Drilling installed a Cutter Soil Mix (CSM) Caisson Shoring System around the underground Nuclear Reactor Caisson structure at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant. Various other scopes include dewatering well installation, geotechnical instrumentation installation, steel sheet pile installation/removal, and timber foundation pile removal. The CSM shoring system is cylindrical with an inside diameter of 110 feet and a planned excavation depth of 96 feet. To achieve the required wall thickness of 13 feet, 5 concentric rings of CSM panels are overlapped end-to-end to create a compression ring. The required design compressive strength for the shoring system is 1,000 psi. The customer had a need for a mobile treatment system capable of de-watering solids from water-based drilling fluid. The customer also required a system that recovered water without suspended solids for Re-Use.


De-Water solids from water-based drilling fluid and recover clear water without suspended solids at a flow rate
of 90-100gpm for Re-Use.


Green Earth Technologies International, Inc. proposed using the patented Green Earth Machine® centrifuge and water treatment system as the primary system for treating water-based drill fluids and recovery of clear water without suspended solids.


Utilizing the Green Earth Processing System allowed the operator to successfully de-water solids and recovery clear water at a flow rate of 90-100gpm.

Green Earth Processing Systems™

Solids Separation and Water Recovery System​